Efficient Transit

  • Extend and enhance existing public transportation including MARTA.
  • Improve and repair roads. Add more HOV lanes and improve incentives to use HOV lanes.
  • Create and enhance “last mile” transportation options.

Sustainable Development

  • Address issues with contract approvals by the county, where a large percentage of our general fund goes to out-of-county and out-of-state vendors.
  • Promote unions and ensure they have a true seat at the table.
  • Advocate for local, small businesses by transferring savings and incentives for corporations that stress our community's infrastructure to the residents that make North Fulton a great place for all of us.

Quality Mental Health Access

  • Fulton County ranks third in the number of opioid cases investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for 2018. Implement a Fulton County Opioid Education and Addiction Prevention Task Force.
  • There's only one Fulton County Behavioral Health between Fulton County Commission Districts One and Two. Add an additional center for residents to more easily access care.
  • Create and promote community campaigns to encourage taking care of mental health and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health.

Move forward with

Justin Holsomback.